The shows story revolves around a Magician (Allen Valentine) writing his biography into a laptop computer, and as he does, the different chapters of Adventure, Romance, and Magic come to life, live onstage.

Allen sets the stage for a spellbinding show featuring elaborate sets, dazzling special effects, and grand illusions. Audience will be mesmerized by the action-filled theatrical vignettes in which Allen uses powerful magic to tell an amazing story.

The adventure begins at the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. as Allen portrays a C.I.A. agent sent by the Pentagon to use his magic to foil a group of International mercenaries lead by the “Raven” who is attempting to steal the “Hope” Diamond.

From there, Allen takes the audience on a thrill ride to many different scenes such as a desert island fantasy, a terrifying haunted house, a romantic interlude in a jazz club, comedy and hi-jinx with a spectator from the audience who tried out a nuclear powered tanning bed, an elegant casino scene, a magical whirlwind on a Manhattan street corner, and the shows edge of your seat finale that has Allen flying in on a jet-pack to the observation deck of the Empire state building, to rescue the heroine who has been kidnapped by the “Raven” in a suspenseful explosive surprising ending.